PY1 - Through the echo - Loneliness

Video rendered by Yannick Puggioni

VR Video by David Gallardo

Photography of the inside of the PY1 pyramid.

Photography of the inside of the PY1 pyramid.

Hey all, this was one of the projects i worked on when i was at Reflector entertainment in the New Media Team.

Through the echo - PY1 - Real Time in Unreal is a show Imagined by Guy Laliberté and created by Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, Through the Echoes is a 50-minute multimedia show that leverages all of PY1's technology.
Surrounded by grandiose lightscapes, vibrant music, and atmospheric special effects, the audience travels through space and time like in a waking dream!
On this real time part of the show,my mission was: Design, Modeling and level art,lighting and cameras animation.

Vimeo video rendered by Yannick Puggioni.
VR Video rendered by David Gallardo.
Technology used: Real Time / Video / AR (Hololens 2), live projection inside the PY1 Pyramide in Montreal

Reflector New media team: Alexandre Amancio, Jean-Normand Bucci, Falko Poiker, Simon Tremblay, Cédric Sophie, Nicolas Longchamps, Nicolas Foing-Bruel, Corentin Wunsche, Philipe Desrosiers, Najim Filali Saksak, Adrien Lelièvre, Alexis Leduc, Jeremy Bonventre, Franck Lauribe, Yves Perron, David Gallardo, Alexandre Hétu, Vincent Fortin, Guillaume Lussier.